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news. sergio? >> tenergy manufactures a rechargeable battery that is popularly used in remote control toy cars and trucks. more compact than a double a but gives more power, so when employees notice pictures of the bomb kpoent skpdz batteries they immediately reached out to law enforcement. these are pictures of the bits and pieces of the kpoents. employees noticed one sinked battery in the pictures they called the authorities. >> we contacted both boston police department and the fbi. >> this vice president at syn -- tenergy says it's usually used to power remote control toy autos i don't think there is anything in particularly unique to this.
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however, i thits more attractive for that sort of use. another battery could have been used if it's rechargeable. >> however, it's zibed to fit into compact cars or trucks so it can only be ordered online or purchased through hobby shops. >> outside of the arena it's not fairly well known. >> they are hoping to work with investigators and are shocked one battery may have been use ntd boston bombing. >> these are generally developed for toys to. bring people enjoyment. the fact they're used in this horrific sway apalling. >> he tells me he personally called the tv aand fbi and gave them his contact information. they told him they're going to rurnt call. he tells me the phone call is yet to be returned.
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>> thank you. >> in boston investigators scouring photos and videos and analyzing thousands of tips. agents say they're make prog gres, no arrests have been made. we're live and a lot of confusion today about whether or not someone was in custody. >> there was wh. people out here heard there had been an arrest they were very relieved so disappointment when they heard that that was not true. we have a lot happen here today. law enforcement sources tell abc 7 news if have you a surveillance -- they do have a surveillance image of someone they believe may be responsible for the bombing. >> word circulated an arrest had been made in the bombing. people swarmed the federal court house in anticipation after rivals but information was false. next came a bomb scare causing police to evacuate before
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giving all clear. federal agents spent the day looking for evidence near the sites with assistance, they climbed to the top of the roof. the agents came back down with bags of evidence. the activity brought onlookers out enjoying the day. >> and people are in boston are get back to their normal routine. they she was watching outside starbucks close to where this was taken showing an object know. a mailbox before the second blast that, second blast injured her. >> i just remember i was on the ground and lying on the grass. i started to fill it in my leg autos she able to run. >> i started running and and
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starbucks staff starting us throughout the basement that. is where we were. a friend jumped in to follow a friend. she missed a first explosion by just minutes. >> people are crazy just screaming. my ee ears were ringing. and we tried to run, nothing happened to me. >> we're supposed to get update frtd fbi on the investigation. and because of the bomb scare that did not happen. and we'll be here to bring that to you. >> thank you. and abc news will break into program whgt advise prez visits boston tomorrow for the series, he's scheduled to speak after 11:00 in the morning our time. and ama will continue tweeting new developments from boston.
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you can follow her on ama, abc 7. >> an 11-year-old boy is one of the victims listed in critical condition at boston's children hospital. aaron hern underwent a second round of surgery. his mother reported that doctors closed leg with wounds without having to use skin grafts but the recovery will be long and expensive. a restaurant fund-raiser is underway. we're live with more about that. laura? >> first mother expressed gratitude for support her family is receiving at hope. yes. the fund-raisers in full swing this one going on behind me here. this is to help with expenses and here, he returns home this, is the kpos star restaurant on main street.
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>> i just this we can feel power less to affect a change but to be able to help a child who has been harmed by events is one way to feel empowered to make a difference. >> now the mike's pizza restaurant is donating part of the proceeds to the hern family and kinder's restaurant. seven will begin fund raising for the family this sunday. businesses are staggering their efforts to make sure they don't compete with one another. there is several other events planned as well. and we're back here, folks settling in for dinner and 100% of the proceeds from the wine sales here, wine bar sales will go to the hern family, this effort goes through saturday night. there are several more that, information son our web site
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abc 7 >> laura, thank you very much. nice effort they're making there. to show up support you can share this badge on your facebook page. it's available on our page. >> in other news a dispute between school officials and parents of audrie pott. she killed herself self. tonight the sheriff explainsit took eight months to make arrests. david louie has the latest from san jose. >> it took seven months before the arrests of the suspects. two still enrolled at saratoga high school. the third transfered to another school i wasn't a case of not knowing identities all three had been kicked off the football team. the sheriff says it took seven months to gather evidence to support charge autos we did
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many, many search warrants. more than a dozen. we seized evidence, cell phones and electronic devices. and the analysis of the devices really gave us the evidence we needed. >> it might have had a chilling affect knowing the three teen boys were on campus. >> having the kids on campus was a huge problem with kids coming forth. they were scared and they were fearful. >> they have filed a claim for allegedly saying bullying play nod role in the death for failure to expell three students and not documenting a meeting about bullying of audrey. the school district saying it didn't expell students because the party was not on school
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property and bullying was not discussed aweddy's parents. the three boyses facing charges har adult including distribution and child pornography and a kind of sexual assault too graphic to describe on tv. the types of crimes state law doesn't require the boys be tried as adults. >> now i was honored to be the master of ceremonies there when the exploratorium opened doors to the water front. abc 7 is proud to be the tv partner. it's across from the embarcadero. here is a live picture. and there is a great view from a great location and a spectacular facility. it's a remarkable place. >> it's fantastic. as you said, this evening it's
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continuing. the it doesn't close until 10:00 tonight they're hoping that by the time the evening is over, 10,000 people will have visited on this, opening day. when doors opened first of thousands poured in. >> what to you think? >> i love it this 6-year-old was allowed to skip school for the opening day. >> he'll see it's the beginning of a particular kind of learning. a learning to expose to a bigger world. >> and we wanted to find a fun place to go to. so this is what we've learned. >> the new expore tore jim three times larger than old space. enough to showcase 600 exhibit autos did they have new stuff? >> yes. >> i think they used to have
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like sports. >> there are 150 new exhibits. some showcase the beauty of the bay. and there is of a gallery that focuses on life sciences and biology. christina is the is the cure rateor. >> we're tinkerers and makers and scientists. and you know when you mix this together to give us this new building this is what you get. and it's been fantastic. >> there are speeches from movers and shakers including mayor ed lee. and dan ashley but the day belonged to the children of the bay area. like 11-year-old cooper. >> how long will it take to you get around? >> i don't know. i don't think i'll be able to see everything today. >> this is not just for kids, thursday nights they have
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adult only only night. it's open until 10:00 as sit on wednesday so there still time to get down here to enjoy the new exploratorium. live in san francisco, along the embarcadero, abc 7 news. >> thank you and i hope everyone will take time to go check it out. >> yes. still to come here tonight why caltrans was concerned five years ago about the bolt that's snapped. >> a court decision on a marin county mobile home park we've been reporting on that could have impact on rent control laws throughout california. >> a man is charged for two seats instead of one then told he can't get the money back. is that fair? >> later tonight goldman awards how a teacher turned a grade school recycle prog jekt into a prize winning
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new questions tonight as caltrans continues to investigate the dozens of bolt that's failed on the new eastern span. many in places they cannot be replaced. here is abc 7 news with the very late yeast caltrans memo for the media says it's look agent two sets of documents in its investigation. one set covers batch of 96 that included the 32 broken
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ones delivered in 2008. the second covers another batch of 192 bolts delivered in 2010. the sacramento bee reports bolts delivered in 2010 failed testing at the transportation department lab records cover everything. the supplier was dies oncorporation a company with a long history in bridge building and including original bay bridge. this animation shows how the bolts fits underneath the road bed to a broken one. but in 2008 they were exposed and could have been tested but were not. because of the missing documentations the bolts were heat treated twice that second round might have made them brittle. >> right now, the toll bridge program is conducting a thorough investigation into what happened and what caused
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bolts to break. we know there was excess hydrogen. this became a problem. >> documents show caltrans directed the contractor to test the 96 dies onbolts then later the project director writes caltrans does not require the testing. >> at this point we're not in a position to comment on anything until our thorough investigation is done and we've come to a conclusion. >> that conclusion could take a while. the first priority is fixing the problem. >> the focus at this point is to to come up with the best solution that's will give the performance that is required and worry later. >> caltrans says around mid may they decide on which fix to pursue, once that decision is made they'll be able toll us whether or not the new bridge will open as scheduled labor day weekend.
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>> a huge court victory for mobile homeowners. a panel ruled the city of san rafael's rent control ordinance is constitutional. residents own homes but rent the land they sit on. they were protected by rent control law but a judge ruled it was unconstitutional. now, the higher court overturn that had ruling. >> hopefully this will bring it to test. it's clear that the court thinks this is a settled issue. and that all of the other litigation across the state should be put to rest in this case. >> it's owned by equity life style properties. >> mcdonalds won't be adding a new location after all.
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the city council rejected a permit to build a new mcdonalds across the street from hid middle school. it was denied on a 4 db 7 vote it's a victory for concerned parents and members who rallied to defeat the plan. they claim the restaurant will bring more cars to busy streets. >> let's talk about the weather forecast. warm out there. but breezy, too. >> yes. warm up is on the way. >> milder today we're going to go from mild to warm, hot. yes. and will be a gradual process. let me show you live doppler 7 hd. no rain and a beautiful view of the sunshining. san jose, 67 in half moon bay, 54 degrees. high definition cram you're
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looking towards ocean beach. you can see how clear it is right now. 72 degrees in santa rosa. livermore, 68 degrees. here are the highlights. we're looking at clear, cool overnight. warmer tomorrow, mild to warm weather coming up for the weekend. today's temperatures up a few degrees thrk area getting closer to the coast. it continues to move into our direction warm, and dry pattern is developing and witness gill get hot, like i said into monday. there is a a look at san jose. upper 70s heading towards friday. and low 80s sunday. this is going to start to flirt with that 90 degree mark there. and speaking of dropping off tomorrow morning mid 40s to low 50s to start clear skies and cool conditions, tomorrow
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afternoon high temperatures in the south bay. 78 for new los gatos. gilroy, sun will be shining and temperatures coming up a couple more degrees. 74 in redwood city. south san francisco, 67. you'll see 70s, 76 in vallejo. along the coast into the 50s. east bay 75. a mild, sunny afternoon. getting on the warm side heading inland. 76 degrees in livermore, here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. temperatures continuing to head up for the weekend. mid to upper 70s around the bay. low to mid-50s. warmest day, monday, 90s inland, low 60s coastside.
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>> thank you. >> coming up next apple stock takes a new plunge. >> 16 month low today. find out why, stay w
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if you're an apple shareholder, the stock took another steep plunge today, now $300 down. so why is this happen something some believe it was way overpriced to begin with and what's happening is a natural reduction in value. others feel the tech market is changing and apple slow to change witness. >> they're good at coming up with innovation. so i won't give up on them. >> many consumers are waiting for next products including a state of the art television. >> l l.the rest of wall street took a sharp downward today.
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reports triggered a plunge on the dow. that is an improvement. after investing nearly $2 billion the british parent company has admitted defeat. the company put the 200 stores in california, arizona and nevada up for sale. bank of america today say it will pay $500 million we resolve revenues off by 8%, google has begun delivering glass, the visor like computer that responds to eye commands. it come was warnings the possibility of eye strain and you shouldn't go scuba diving wearing glass. >> there is more still to come tonight. arrest of a man for sending
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poison envelopes to the nation's capital. >> president obama gets fired up after the deveet of -- defeat of gun control at capitol hill. >> ask a milestone for alternative energy. there is a feet of -- fleet of truck that's ran on the gas that came through anest bay landfill.
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we have new video of the man police believe talked his way into a home near lake merit then molested a little girl. investigators released this surveillance video late today showing the man walking near a bus stop close to the girl's apartment building then, later running away. police say he posed as a maintenance man and then, got a 7-year-old girl alone in a room and molested her. he is described as a lanky white man in early to mid-50s about six feet tall weighing 160 pounds. the girl says he had paint splatters on his hair and
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clothe oogt fbi arrested a mississippi man officials believe sent letter was ricin poise tron president obama and other government officials. investigators say the curtis sent letters to the president, senator roger wicker of mississippi and another state official. preliminary tests show ricin was in the letter buzz definite testing is being done. the letters mailed from memphis and investigators believe there may be more. >> several other letters have now turned up and... so other congressional leaders have received letters that believe to be laced. >> the fbi worked with the secret service in mississippi to make this arrest. >> a bill to require background checks on gun sales was shot down in the senate this afternoon. a stunning defeat and one that defies public opinion.
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now, senator fine he stein's plea from the senate floor. >> yes. the gun bill is dead. background checks failed to get needed votes today, so did senator feinstein's amendment. but in her effort she took to the senate floor with a story of a san francisco police officer who is murdered in the line of duty. >> senator feinstein told her fellow senators what happened nine years ago. >> as officer's approaches the shooter pulled out an ak 47 from beneath his coat. and fired 14 rounds. >> two rounds hit the 29-year-old officer. senator feinstein called on the senate to protect police officers from gang members carrying weapons of war but the amendment came up 20 votes short. >> this was a shameful day for washington. >> standing along side gabby
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giffords and families of newtown victims the president challenged the american voters to remember come next congressional election. >> you outnumber those arguing the other way. >> latest washington post poll shows 86% of americans support universal background checks but opponents fear would it lead to a national gun registry. >> there is a concern at some point maybe way, way in the future, the government would like to know where the guns are so they can perhaps confiscate them. >> four months after thes massacre not only did the ban go down but the vote requiring background checks came up six votes short. bruce cane says the bomb blast in boston could have played a part. >> of course the paranoid people want to keep their guns makes them want to keep their
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guns more. >> tonight the senator says she's disappointed and believes american people are head of the elected officials on this issue. she could have been talking about california which has background checks and assault weapon ban and a limit on the size of ammo clips. >> there is some breaking news in central texas. an explosion in the tount of west. you can see west is north of waco. reports are that several people have been injured at the explosion. buildings within the plant destroyed and a senior center nearby is damaged. >> no two ways about it. garbage is dirty but at the biggest landfill that is help tok produce something clean. we're talking about the altmont landfill.
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>> 25 tons of garbage. a small smelly chunk of the tons dumped here and 50 million hidden beneath the dirt for humans it's just junk, right? it may in the be any man's treasure turns out there is buried treasure, do you smell that? the fuel that will power next generation of trash trucks. this giant truck is running on garbage. the trash gives off methane, the main ingredient in natural gas. >> the operations director showed us the system pulling out of the land fall. and now a new facility let's them pump up as fuel. >> they're talking about a 90%
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reduction from a global warming perspective. >> and at west management it's cheaper and it's possible because of this. >> a truck engine they say is powerful to run on natural gas. >> it's been sign sometime. >> we have three of those engine fleetz right now rung as prototype autos waste management plans to convert to truck that's can run on the trash gas. they're not just cleaner, but quieter. loudest noise might be sea gulls. >> coming up next down side of cheap air fare. >> a man spent hours untangling a
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>> searching online for tickets can help you find low fairs and it's convenient if there is a mistake it can be difficult to correct.
6:40 pm
>> one man spent hours trying to untangle this area so this guy got on board a flight and found out not one, but two seats and paid are $900 for the seat. he says getting a refund got him the run around. he turned to me for help. >> other often travels to shanghai for a software company. >> i flew to van yufr to china. >> george found a bargain fare here on >> it was very good. and the twice was very good. >> he purchased a ticket just $884 which would be a great fare except he was charged twice. >> i do recognize there is a
6:41 pm
deal there. there is no reason for them to have two tickets in my name. >> an agent noticed first there are tw seats for one person. he called and demanded a refund. >> that is when i spent hours on the phone with customer service and talked to as many as six. >> he says orbits made an offer. >> trying to give me credits for the amount of the ticket but... you know, in order to use that very to pay $280 fees. >> he says he can only get airline credit. and what is worse would have to pay a change fee to book it not fair. it's not my mistake he was told to send a complaint to orbits headquarters.
6:42 pm
>> and that is told that is the best they can offer me. i reached highest on the customer service. >> instead he contacted 7 on your side and we contacted orbits. the company says it sent a request and george did get a full refund for the extra ticket. orbits said the customer received misinformation in regardings to receiving a credit. in this case, a customer should receive a full refund and prior to being contacted by your station, we worked with our airline partner to ensure that happened. we apologize for any inconvenience this caused mr. shu. >> i appreciate it very much. i really appreciate it. >> it's what i'm here for. orbitz says if it makes a becoming mistake like one, customers are entitled to a refund. they don't have to accept only credits. my thanks to orbits.
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>> coming up next winners of the goldman environmental project. >> from a teacher projecting -- protecting skies in tuscany.
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largest construction project undertaken in alameda county reached a milestone today. highland hospital inaugurated it's care facility. it will take pressure off highland emergency room and house 10 skpeshlt clinics. this is just the first phase of the makeover. the medical center renovation set to be finished by 2017. >> winners of the goldman environmental prize have been announced and work of the honorees spans from iraq to chicago. >> for grade schoolteacher, educating people began with
6:47 pm
teaching students how to recycle almost everything in trash. >> i thought them you're a wizard. >> soon that campaign expanded into a fight to block the construction of incinerators. he says the fight helped establish zero waste recycling. >> for a way not speaking only about the waste. it's speaking of -- of people, of jobs. >> in columbia, securing the feature meant securing rights for a virtual army of freelance trash collectors. nora took on the scale and legal status for the recyclers. >> informal recyclers have been there since before special companies have been interest tl. >> the future of energy drew them into the campaigns.
6:48 pm
kimberly basserman shut down two of the oldest and dirtiest plants in the country. >> they're an industry that was sacrificing our community for the sake of making money and that is just not right. >> half a world away, jonathan took on royal dutch shell over a triling technique. the area known as a caru. >> so this is underestimating third of the people and connection with the caru. >> in the mountains of ind niche yat connection of the people to the forests prove strong. aleta bond organized hundreds to occupy mines triggering deforestation and landslides. >> on the island there is destruction meaning losing a
6:49 pm
part of our identity. >> the stream was strong enough to draw back to post war iraq. they're home to a group known as marsh arabs. >> agriculture was invented, abraham was born this, is not iraqi heritage this, is world heritage. >> the goldman prize is the largest award for environmental activists. >> a lot of attention. pretty cool. >> let's return and talk about the weather. >> it's warming up, temperatures going this way heading into the weekend. we'll trend temperatures down a few digs saturday, and other areas will notice by sunday mid-80s inland upper 70s around the bay. and then, my monday that is
6:50 pm
when temperatures hit the peak. >> thank you. >> we're talking football? >> absolutely. >> yes. it's a minute eye camp kind of thing. the name is montana. no. we'd love to see that. the
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>> good evening, a's have best record in the american league. now six wins have come courtesy of the houston astros on the wrong end of the broom this afternoon. cal women's basketball team coming off final four appearance tossing out the first pitch. a's jumped on bud norris in the first. josh redic doubled deep to right. a's on top eric soguard base
6:54 pm
hit driving home jed laurie giving up six runs in two third of -- two thirds of an inning. a's sweep astros again. >> offense is off the authorities at this point. running bases pretty fell. what are we? 12-14? hitting on all cylinders at this point. >> giants and brewers have garlic fridays we have waffle fries, third inning, homers for the second game, brew crew up 1-0. with st. louis, crawford just broke it up in the 6th.
6:55 pm
so nice come back in the works there. a win would give golden state a sixth playoff spot in the west. seth as a chance to break ray hallen's record of 269 set back in the 560 r5-06 season. >> we know how great of a shooter they were i'm a fan and i know about the game to. see in that conversation which is like he had, i think in 2006 would be special. >> there was a montana in red and gold today working out just thinking about it. you know? you can see joe back there. not not the montana look at
6:56 pm
nate. nate has speed. he and others took part in the session for draft-eligible players. it's pro day for them. nate says he's trying to stay focus skptd not get caught up in the pressure. >> just got to place your head down and try to make your own name, you know? and it's a -- like a blessing and a curse you know? but you just try to ignore joemont said no. just go. work and show them that you're a different player than your dead dad. >> they're trying to get back to normal in boston. first sporting event in boston since bombings. bruins hoping to help ease the pain just for a few hours you have an opportunity to make our city proud. we're in for it.
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and and this abc 7 brought to you by orchard supply, hardware. >> join me tonight at 9:00 premium beverages star bucks is testing out now. >> and then at 11:00 a a tip on an ex-wife. >> and back to back episodes of purgatory and how to live with your parents for the rest of your live. >> that does it nor edition of abc 7 news. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. for watching. you're looking at the
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this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants -- a journalist from chicago, illinois... and adjunct history professor from canton, ohio... and our returning champion, a defense consultant from suffolk, virginia... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" --
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alex trebek! thank you, johnny gilbert. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. hi, folks, and welcome to our show. defense consultant. you say that, and you fi the guy's got to be bright. "jeopardy!" winner with over $25,000 -- yeah. he is bright. pion.o, gary is ougure nice to have you back with us. shawn and michelle, welcome aboard, also. good luck. here we go. jeopardy! round. and these are the sir chamgories. first... you're gonna love it. "edge" will come up in each correct response. and finally, you'll love this one. gary just shut his eyes on that one. alex: where do we start, gary? international affairs, $200, alex. shawn. what is free trade? yes.

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